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Here is a list of helpful tips to ensure an effortless loan process. These Do’s and Don’ts will help to avoid delays with your loan approval.


  1. Immediately inform us of any change in your employment, income & asset status

  2. Continue living at your current residence

  3. Continue making your mortgage or rent payments on time

  4. Keep working at your current employer

  5. Stay current on all existing accounts

  6. Advise us in advance on any upcoming vacations or business trips

  7. Call us if you have concerns or are not feeling comfortable about anything, It's normal to be nervous, this is part of the process; but if you're feeling more than that please call us as we are here to help you.


  1. Make major purchases (i.e. car, furniture, appliances or start home improvement)

  2. Apply for the new credit or loans

  3. Pay off any charge accounts, collections, loans, credit cards or consolidate your debt

  4. Close any credit card accounts, max out or overcharge on your credit accounts

  5. Change bank accounts or transfer balances from one account to another

  6. Change the source of your closing funds

  7. Deposit cash into your bank account

  8. Cosign for anyone

  9. Have any Non-Sufficient Funds (NSFs) or overdrafts on your bank statements

  10. Purchase any other real estate or land

  11. Throw away any new income or asset documents

  12. Plan on moving on a certain date, delays in our business are common

  13. Be afraid to ask us questions

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We have systems in place to streamline the home-buying process for you. As part of our service, we are committed to helping you with your home search by:

  • Previewing homes in advance on your behalf

  • Personally touring homes and neighborhoods with you

  • Keeping you informed of new homes on the market

  • Helping you preview homes on the web

  • Informing you of comparable homes which have sold, and their sale price

  • Working with you until we find the home of your dreams


Ready To Buy Your Dream Home?

We love helping buyers find their dream homes. That’s why we work with each client individually, taking the time to understand their wants, needs, and unique lifestyles. We understand that buying a home is about more than just a certain number of bedrooms or a particular zip code, it’s about your life. Which is very important to us.

When you work with us, you get:

  • Honesty and integrity

  • A knowledgeable and professional REALTOR

  • A committed ally to negotiate on your behalf

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Tips For A Smooth Mortgage Approval

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