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Moving House

Selling Your Home

SO, YOU’RE READY TO SELL? Selling your home may seem scary at first, but our knowledgeable realtors will guide you through the entire process. Successfully selling your home for the most money in the least amount of time, requires much more than just a little advertising. Getting top dollar for your property involves extensive research and tons of marketing. Don’t fret, our team of experts will get the job done. When in comes to OCR selling your home, you’re in good hands.

Process of Selling Your Home

  • CONTACT – Contact your OCR real estate agent.

  • VALUE – Determine the current value of your home.

  • MARKETING – Working with your agent to prepare a personalized marketing campaign.

  • STAGING – Stage your home to stand out from the competition.

  • PHOTOGRAPHY – It’s time to take some professional photos of your home.

  • PAPERWORK – Verify taxes, certificate of occupancy, survey and all other pertinent information.

  • MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE (MLS) -  Launch listing on MLS, and other national/local real estate websites.

  • SHOWING – It’s time to show your home!

  • OPEN HOUSE – Host an open house to find the right buyer for your home.

  • BUYER -  Confirm the qualifications of the buyer.  

  • NEGOTIATE – Negotiate offers & terms to obtain maximum value for your home.

  • OFFER – Acceptance of the offer.

  • INSPECTIONS – Home inspection & termite inspection.

  • CONTRACTS – Execute the contract of sale with your attorney.

  • APPRAISAL – Work with a bank to appraise your home.

  • MORTGAGE -  Receive written mortgage commitment (45-60 days).

  • TITLE – Title search ordered by purchaser’s attorney.

  • MOVING – Call movers for estimates.

  • UTILITIES – Transfer all utilities and have your oil meter read (if needed).

  • WALK-THROUGH – Final walk-through scheduled 12-24 hours prior to closing.

  • CLOSING – Closing occurs at lending institution or attorney’s office.


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