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Our Community Realty


Our Community Realty LTD. has over 20 years of combined experience in the real estate market. As an experienced team of experts, we have a strong knowledge of the local market, which helps us analyze and determine the ideal pricing of homes.

Our Mission

Our Community Realty LTD. is comprised of realtors working in the community’s best interest. Our company consists of knowledgeable real estate experts who work hard to ensure that our clients experience a seamless buying and selling process with the best possible results.

Our Goals

When you work with Our Community Realty LTD., you are able to sit back and relax as our team of professionals work hard to get you the perfect deal. We work endlessly to provide you with the following:


A free Market Analysis with a thorough explanation of possible price point outcomes in your transaction and a better understanding of your options.


Round the clock service with quick and easy communication.


Quality marketing for your property, along with a detailed campaign plan.


Professionalism and prompt responses to any concerns/questions you may have.

We Serve The 5 Boroughs & Long Island

To buy a home in the Metro-area, we carefully consider all factors such as budget, type of home, location of home, etc., to find the perfect home for you. So, if your are planning to buy a home within the five boroughs or Long Island, ‘’Our Community Realty’’ is the company that can help you get your dream home.

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"It's not how big the house is,

it's how happy the home is."

"It's not about selling, it's about creating value for our clients."

"See yourself living here.

Fall in love. Make an offer."

Our Community Realty

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